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Interested in marketing content that educates, persuades, and builds trusted relationships?

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You’ve come to the right site!

Hi, I’m Chris Ward, founder & CEO at B2B Content Experts

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For more than 25 years, I’ve been developing marketing content that informs, differentiates, adds value, builds trusted relationships, and converts prospects into buyers.

Having been a corporate executive, founder of four businesses (including a marketing communications agency), and freelance content writer, I know there's no substitute for effective content.

At B2B Content Experts, we use cutting-edge technologies like generative AI and conversational AI to enhance your message and grab the attention your products and services deserve.

I invite you to explore our site. There are many ways in which we can help you forge meaningful connections with clients, customers, members, employees, and other stakeholders.


I'm looking forward to meeting you and exploring how we can collaborate on making videos, whitepapers, websites, newsletters, and other types of marketing content work for your business.

Is your business suffering from any of these?

  • an unacceptably high level of buyer churn,

  • too little website traffic and/or too few downloads,

  • disappointing response to your marketing campaigns,

  • difficulties attracting and keeping the right talent,

  • too much emphasis on price vs. value, or

  • low, no, or negative growth.

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Very often, issues like these signal the need for stronger connections with employees, buyers, prospects, or other stakeholders. That's where a thoughtful B2B content marketing strategy and great content come in.
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From customer research and the workshop to confirm our value proposition and brand personality, to the creation of our new website, we were extremely impressed with your professionalism and ability to deliver as promised. Your writing skills are second to none. Our new website was informative, engaging, persuasive, and interesting. Best of all, it accomplished our goals of positioning DTA as a trusted provider of freight audit and related services and uncovering new business opportunities. We would wholeheartedly recommend you to any business looking for a great content writer and someone who can add value at each stage of a project."


Melissa Gracey, President, DTA Services Ltd.

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Did you know that very few B2B buyers really need what you're selling?

That's not because your products or services aren't fantastic. It's simply because buyers have choices and prefer to deal with suppliers they know, trust, and feel a connection with.


That's why so many B2B marketers are doubling down on their efforts to forge meaningful relationships with buyers, prospects, and employees. And why more and more are relying on a well-thought-out content marketing strategy and plan to make the difference.

When we work with you, our job is to develop compelling marketing content that...
  • demonstrates a firm grasp of your buyers' most significant issue(s),

  • establishes and reaffirms your expertise and authority, and

  • builds brand awareness and helps keep your business top-of-mind.

Most importantly, our focus is on helping you form and strengthen connections with your key stakeholders. And contributing in a major way to your organization's success.
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