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I’d love to provide you with a firm quote for the project you have in mind.

Prices are dependent on a number of factors including the scale of the project, complexity of the subject matter, required research, and so on.

I’ll provide a fixed price for your website, white paper, newsletter, eBook, or blog once we’ve had the opportunity to talk and establish the parameters. This price won't change unless the parameters of the assignment change. If it takes a greater effort than I thought it would, that's my problem. Not yours!

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Investigation (Research)

Most projects require some type of investigation. It’s possible that you'll be able to provide all the information we will need. Or, more extensive research might be required.


Regardless, I have a great deal of experience conducting key informant interviews, designing and analyzing online surveys, and moderating focus groups. And I know how to do this work cost-effectively.


Here’s a suggestion that could save you time and money.

No matter how small, every project requires some getting-to-know-you time… time to understand your business, products and services, value proposition, brand, objectives, and so forth. And the project might require a few interviews or some other type of investigation – research that would be useful in other projects.

Consider bundling a few projects to get the most out of the time spent in Discovery and Investigation.


Let me know what you’re thinking about and I'll pull together a quote designed to make you smile.

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