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Want some feedback on your content marketing strategy or help building one?

This is a "no strings attached offer!"

A content marketing strategy guides the creation, administration, and delivery of useful content. It's all about getting the right content, to the right people, at the right time. Building a plan is an essential first step in your efforts to establish your organization as a thought leader and trusted provider of products and services.


In developing or assessing your strategy, there are a number of questions to ask and answer, including:

  1. Who are you targeting with your content?

  2. What need or pain point will you address?

  3. How will you deliver your content to these people?

  4. What content will produce the desired result?


If you're just getting into content marketing I'd be very happy to help you build out your plan.

Or, if you have a plan and would like an outside opinion on it, it would be my pleasure to provide feedback.


Complete the form confirming that your business has:

  1. a B2B orientation, and

  2. annual revenues of at least $250K.


Any strings attached?


ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is just my way of introducing B2B Content Experts and showcasing the thinking that goes into every content writing project.

Privacy Policy
B2B Content Experts will not use your name and contact information for any purpose other than to communicate with you. We will not sell or provide your information to any third party.

Let's talk about your content strategy!

Great! Complete this form confirming that you are B2B with annual revenues of at least $250K. I'll get back to you quickly.

Thanks for interest in our offer to review or help create your content marketing strategy! I'll get back to you very soon!

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